The Harry Potter books just got a magical makeover

Brace yourselves, Potter Fans. Because the Harry Potter books just got a stunning new look.

Designed by Hungarian Design Student Kincso Nagy, the books now have a more minimal approach to it. Nagy posted the design explains why on her behance page.

But that’s not even the best part.. because these books now glow in the dark!

And.. wait  until you look inside, there are now wonderful pop up illustrations.

“Most of the illustrations have some playful part, one of them pops up, the others can be opened up so that the reader can peek inside. Each illustration was created with stencil, scanned and colored in Photoshop,” Nagy said.


Kincso Nagy left a note on her Behance page saying: “These books (as far as I know) will never be published, so please, please don’t write to me that you would like to buy it.”


For more photos and information about the book, click here.

  • Mareike Krause

    How beautiful they are! <3.<3

  • Stian Sveinson Ohrvik

    These are the kind of books you reserve an entire shelf for.
    “What’s that?”
    “Just my HP-shrine.”

    • Amanda Edwards

      You speak my language!

    • Diego Escobar

      Oh Yes!!!

  • Charlie Hayden-Bupp

    How much?

  • Oh my Potter! I need those!

  • Anna Kööhler

    By Merlins beard!

  • Antodav

    They made them look like 50 Shades of Gray… ?

  • Hayley Farrell

    Shut up and take my money 😀

  • Haruki

    Wow I really want these

  • Matthew Ford

    Where can i get one

  • Tony Curmudgeon O’seland

    How much…that’s all I want to know.

  • SpencerDub

    There’s no release date because these are the thesis work of a design student, not official products. At least, that’s what I gathered from the linked Behance page. I’m rather surprised the author didn’t catch that.

    • naninoona

      Yep. You’re right. It’s not official products. Lol the author got too excited. Either that or purposely misinformed readers.

  • Kristina Harper


  • Nadine Akimon

    Actually it does say there is not an actual release date yet. The writer says ” there is no release date yet” so they did not misinform

  • Aisyah Olen

    I hope, this collection become mine.. I really want it..

  • Crystal C.

    I need these. I will have an enclosed shelf JUST FOR THESE.

  • Jami Suzann Johns

    The covers and the glow in the dark is awesome, but I don’t care for the pop-up illustrations; that seems to make it appear childish.

    • Tim Blake

      They ARE children’s books. LOL.

      • Jami Suzann Johns

        Have you READ them?? Those are NOT children’s books!
        Sure, the first few are, but later on, like 5-7 are anything BUT children’s books; murder, racism, torture, war, conspiracy, love affairs…none of which are themes I think anyone considers for children.

  • Natasha Michelle Schmidt

    How much do they cost?….. You know what never mind, doesn’t matter. Take my money, all of it!!!

  • Mander Harris

    Anyone know when these are available for purchase?

  • Christina Yin

    What the heck is that weird alien-like creature on the cover of The Half-Blood Prince? I could identify all the others and match them with the books except this one. Give me the originals any day!

    • If by “weird alien-like creature” you mean “bat,” uhhh, it’s a bat.



  • Misses

    According to the artist’s page where she first announced the books, they will NEVER be published. They are not for sale, but are personal, private works of art that will not be sold to the public.

    Bummer. 🙁

    • AngelCatkthx

      As far as I know it’s illegal to sell a book in any cover other than the original binding, so the publisher would have to do a run of these covers, and they’re unlikely to pay out for the artwork and print run. Contact them to ask, though, if a lot of people do they might consider it, but it’ll be expensive I’ll bet, very limited run….

  • Sky Quill


  • ?_? Roger X

    It even says in the link this is a one-off art project. It’s cool, but it’s not a re-release.

  • Julia Beastriceanu

    Any idea why The Half Blood Prince cover looks like a bat?

    • I have the same question. I think that’s supposed to be representation of Snape as in the book, it was written that Snape is ” looking just as much like an overgrown bat”…

    • Abhishek Ray

      I think it represents the cave where Dumbledore took Harry. Or there may be a batman reference somewhere that I missed.

  • Exactly what I need in life.

  • Healing Dryad

    There is clearly a market for them, they should be put into production!

  • go fuck yourself

    There will never be a release date. The artist made them as a project and they will never be sold. Artist said so themselves. Go learn how to make glow in the dark books yourself.