Here’s the Reason Why The Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus Really Likes Licking People’s Faces

Norman Reedus’ licking on people’s faces is quickly gaining popularity and becoming such a thing on Urban Dictionary.

The Walking Dead star loves to interact with his fans and explains to Conan his tendency to lick people’s faces.

“It started because I started licking my castmates and Denise Huth, who is one of our producers, she would be like ‘Don’t lick me!’ and it became a thing,” Reedus revealed. “And then I went to London and I took a bunch of selfies where I was licking monuments or Charlie Chaplin guys on the street.”

The actor points out that the word ‘Reedus’ means to lick someone’s face.

A girl in the audience even wears a statement shirt saying ‘Norman please #Reedus Me!’

Watch the full interview below:

All Photos and Video Courtesy Of: Team Coco/Youtube