What is Dakota Johnson’s “Just a Minute” Really Like?

Dakota Johnson is not yet ready get up for a set.

A short video from Vogue directed by Gustav Johansson, called ‘Just A Minute,’ features how the Fifty Shades Darker lead can stretch out 60 seconds, while being called to set from her dressing room.

Johnson sexily lays on a couch wearing a cream satin blouse, nude camisole and green skirt, and clearly needs “just a minute” to herself.

Time goes by and a man’s voice from the other side of her door says, “You know you shouldn’t see time as a line, it’s more like a circle.”

“Who’s that?” she asks and the reply comes “I’m the voice of your conscience.”

“Are you really?” the 27 year-old actress continues to ask. “I never thought that my conscience would sound like a British male.”

He then replies he’s just a PA, which revealed as actor Max Minghella in the credits.

“I just need a minute,” she states.

“How long is a minute?” the voice asks. “Strange, doesn’t matter how much time we get. It’s never enough.”

Johnson answers, “I guess it depends on how you look at it.”

“So, if I do give you a minute, how long can you make it last?” he sites back.

The clip ends Johnson saying, “Okay, I’ll be out in a minute” and still remains lying down.

Is “just a minute” literally just a minute?

Watch the original short below:

All photos courtesy of Vogue/YouTube

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