Natalie Dormer Reveals Some Tips on How To Date Her

Get ready as Natalie Dormer gives you some instructions on how to date her.

During her GQ photo shoot, the Game of Thrones star poses seductively and talks where to pick people up, one-liners, and shares about her first date.

She personally chooses New York City as the best place where to pick up people and narrates her experience on her first date.

“My first date was very sweet, very innocent… just holding hands,” the actress reveals.

She even questions if she has an intimidating face because not many men comes to give her one-liners.

Dormer also named the best ‘Game of Thrones’ character to date, and it would be the new improved Jamie Lannister.

On a contrary, she ends the clip mentioning the worst person to be in a relationship with or going on a date with, and it’s probably King Joffrey.

Watch the full video below:

All Photos and Video Courtesy Of: GQ/Youtube