Chris Hemsworth Shares His Favorite ‘Thor’ Joke

Chris Hemsworth hears all your ‘Thor’ lines.

The 33-year-old actor has appeared on Graham Norton’s show alongside Jessica Chastin, Kirsten Dunst and Stephen Mangan.

In the clip, he explains how people always come up to him in the streets and tell him with different Thor jokes.

Hemsworth then shows his funny side by revealing the best dirty joke ever told about Thor.

“Thor spends a night with this woman and the next morning he says, ‘I have to tell you who I am,’” the actor said. “‘I’m Thor.’ She says, ‘You’re Thor? I can hardly walk.”

“It’s good the first time,” he added, “but not the next 27 times.”

Watch the full video below:

All Photos and Video Courtesy Of: BBC America/Youtube