Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford Discuss the Hit of ’13 Reasons Why’

Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford had their very first appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show and talk about the huge success of the series.

Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ stars didn’t expect the sudden popularity and shared the moment that they realized the series had become a huge success.

Langford also reveals that Lady Gaga mentions her on social media.

“I feel like there was a really big moment for me like a week ago,” she revealed. “I don’t have Twitter but Lady Gaga tweeted at me like, reposted an interview where I was fan-girling and wrote ‘Katherine’ with a love heart and I kind of freaked out a little bit.”

While Dylan Minnette had to run away from ’13 Reasons Why’ fans at Coachella.

“At one point I was walking front of this crowd, and people started whispering,” Minnette said. “They were like ‘Is there going to be a season 2?!’, and I said that I had no idea, then when I was past them, someone yelled ‘Clay!’ and I turned around and just waved and everybody just screamed!”

As a birthday surprise, the host treated Langford two VIP passes for one of Lady Gaga’s concerts with the opportunity to go backstage and meet the pop star in person.

Watch the full interview below:

All Photos and Video Courtesy Of: TheEllenShow/Youtube