The One True King: What If Joffrey Was the Real Hero in Game of Thrones?

If Game of Thrones was told from a young and naive Joffrey Baratheon’s point of view, the story would be totally different.

YouTube user BloodBlitz Comedy is known in making movie parodies such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman, Frozen and many more. They re-edited GoT to make Joffrey the hero.

According to them, this parody took over 50 hours of editing.

“The sun’s finally shining, come walk with me,” Joffrey happily said to Sansa, who’s mooning over him.

The video shows how Joffrey was mistreated and grows up with a desire to be a true and good king. His father dies unexpectedly so he has to take the throne.

“My mother tells me a king should never strike his lady,” he said to his wife. “You’re my lady. And I will love you from this day until my last day.”

Margaery, on the other hand, serves as the villain who’s very evil and manipulative. She poisons him at their wedding after taking the throne at his side.

Jack Gleeson’s character in Game of Thrones was really convincing. But after seeing the video below, it turned the world of Westeros upside down.

Check it out:

All photos courtesy of Game of Thrones/HBO

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