Here’s What The Cast Of Riverdale Should Really Look Like

With Riverdale’s wholesome appearance, many of the main characters from the comics stand strong in this dark, surreal drama adapted for TV.

Meet these very attractive cast of CW’s ‘Riverdale’:

 1. Archie Andrews

KJ Apa playing the role of the legendary Archie Andrews with one of the most famous redheads in pop culture.

2. Jughead Jones

Cole Sprouse, who plays as Jughead Jones aimed to look just like the comic character. And if his nose were a bit longer, he would look exactly like his comic book counterpart.

3. Fred Andrews

In the original comics, Fred is overweight and nearly bald. However, a bald Luke Perry with a mustache is not the Luke Perry that we imagined, but it is a classic Fred Andrews.

4. Cheryl Blossom

Madelaine Petsch, who plays as Cheryl Blossom, somewhat needs bangs and green eyes to perfectly represent the character in the comics.

5. Kevin Keller

Kevin Keller is the first openly gay character. His looks should be blonde and blue-eyed to match the character in the comics.

6. Betty Cooper

Lili Reinhart has already Betty Cooper’s pleasing personality and perfectly represents the character only if she has bangs.

7. Veronica Lodge

Camila Mendes is pretty much matching to her comic book character. But just like Reinhart she only lacks bangs.

8. Reggie Mantle

You can really notice the resemblance between Ross Butler and Reggie Mantle.

9. Josie McCoy

Ashleigh Murray should turn her hair to red to symbolize the character’s signature sass, spunk, and musical talent.

Watch the video below:

All Photos and Video Courtesy Of: Looper/Youtube